I just read an incredibly insightful story on Mother Jones about nuclear power. From the get-go, Judith Lewis pinpoints the problems many Americans have, which is that they are either dramatically for or against nuclear power, but they don’t know why.

“When we talk about nuclear power these days, we talk about environmentalists for nukes, and about people posing as environmentalists for nukes. We talk about Dick Cheney’s energy bill defibrillating a faltering industry with $12 billion worth of incentives and tax breaks. We talk about who is for and who is against, and whether we can trust them.

But no one talks about fission. No one talks about the letter Albert Einstein wrote to FDR in 1939, advising the president that “it may become possible to set up a nuclear chain reaction in a large mass of uranium” to produce enormous amounts of power.”

Her article talks about the waste problem, the benefits as far as emissions, the risk of accidents, environmentalists who support and don’t support nuclear power, France’s embrace of nuclear power back in the ’70s and what that’s brought them, and many more fascinating and informative parts of the nuclear equation. It’s a fascinating read, and everyone who wants to have an informed opinion of nuclear power should read it.

Read the story here on MotherJones.com >>