Not much to say about Speaker Pelosi’s q&a session. Frankly, it was a bit lackluster. I heard a lot of people say they were disappointed by how lovingly people welcomed her, with a standing ovation every time she said something that they agreed with, but that she hasn’t really done anything about. There were some Code Pink protesters there, who got a little rowdy at the end, but other than that there was not so much pressure on her when she was answering the questions.

And of course, Al Gore showed up shortly after, and his speech was (as always) breathtaking. He began by equating drilling to solve our gas crisis with drinking a beer in the morning to cure a hangover, which I thought was hilariously awesome. And of course he talked a lot about the Alliance for Climate Protection, and their goal to recruit 10 million activists.

One thing I thought was really interesting was when an audience member asked him about the meat industry. He was quite humble and admitted that he perhaps hasn’t been as forceful on that industry as he should have, and that probably can be attributed to the fact that he’s a meat-eater (people cheered for this…and made me sad). But he concluded by saying that we “have to walk before we can run” and that he’s been focusing on the broader concept of a green economy, which I suppose is valid. But of course, many of us would like to see him put pressure on the meat industry.

He also talked about the atrocities that our clients at Care2 are working to stop, such as mountaintop removal mining, liquid coal and e-waste. And he said that nuclear is probably going to see a slight increase, but that he doesn’t think it’s a good solution at all, mostly because of the expense and scale of nuclear plants.

All in all it was great to see him speak, and he far overshadowed the performance of the speaker.