Global Warming

Environmental Defense Fund recently released a series of videos profiling some of the new energy technologies that are featured in President Fred Krupp’s book Earth: The Sequel. The videos are fascinating, and describe some technologies that not only baffle the mind, but also make you completely baffled as to why the government is not helping these innovators bring these technologies to the public. Watch all five videos here:

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Here is the video on Solar Ink:


The much talked about Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act failed to win the 60 votes needed to end delay tactics on the bill (such as sucking up about nine hours by demanding that clerks read the entire 492-page bill aloud), but came very close with 54 votes. But environmental organizations, including Environmental Defense Fund and Defenders of Wildlife, are optimistic that the strong support shown for the cloture (including 10 senators who had consistently stood opposed to all cap-and-trade legislation) is a good sign for the progress that will hopefully be made when the Congress reconvenes.

There are lots of great resources on the bill online. While some environmental organizations oppose the bill, many see it as an important step in the right direction. The bill would put in place a cap-and-trade system for heavy emitters, as well as building regulations and efficiency standards for residential areas. Obviously the 500-page bill has more than just that, but that’s the centerpiece.

Defenders of Wildlife has also emphasized the important provisions that the bill includes for wildlife, conservation and habitat restoration, all of which are dramatically affected by climate change.

If you’d like to see how your senator voted, visit this Senate webpage. When there is new info, we will definitely have some more info and a petition you can sign to support the passing of this important bill!