We have a very rough cut of the Flutterfrog’s flight in Portland.

Also check out the great slide show on Flickr.


From Alex F., designer and pilot of Care2’s Flutterfrog:

For those of you who are wondering how the FlutterFrog’s maiden voyage turned out, it was frickin’ awesome. The audience loved our goofy costumes, and laughed in the right places at our skit. Out trip down the runway was straight, our glide was level and respectably long at forty feet, and I’ve had landings much rougher than ours in commercial jetliners. Ultimately, we did not walk away with any prizes, but we did a better job than most of the teams there, we learned a ton, we had a great time, and we’re *SO* on track for a victory in 2009!

Hopefully there’ll be video of her maiden voyage later this week. πŸ™‚

The Flutterfrog and crew are ready to go. πŸ™‚

Flutterfrog and Crew

Every year, Red Bull sponsors a contest called Flugtag USA. Supposedly the challenge is to achieve homemade, human-powered flight, but as near as I can tell, the real goal is to dive off a pier with as much style as possible. That and to have a good time doing it.

The reason I’m bringing it up is because Alex Feinberg, one of Care2’s engineers, was inspired to submit a proposal for Flugtag, and for the past three weeks, the “Flutterfrog” has been slowly coming together in a garage just north of Redwood City.

It’s been a blast building this amalgam of treefrog and butterfly. The team is especially proud that the Flutterfrog is earth-friendly (made from over 90 percent sustainable or recycled materials).

Launch day is Saturday, August 2 in Portland, Oregon’s Tom McCall Waterfront Park. If you’re in the area, come on by and wish the flight team well! If you can’t make it out, wish the FlutterFrog team good luck via ThePetitionSite.

You can also help our team win the people’s choice award by sending a text message to 72855 (RBULL) with TEAM 17 in the body between 11am and 4pm PST on Saturday, August 2. Help us win!

If you’re curious, the San Mateo Daily News and the Daily Journal wrote articles about the project. There’s also a short slideshow slideshow to be found at Flickr. And even a series of short, homemade videos of the Flutterfrog being built:

The folks at Care2β€”they’re a talented bunch. πŸ™‚